Members – Church Services Update

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1
The words are familiar, but the wisdom is hard to accept. While I write this, I want many things. I want safety for all of you and my family. I want to have the second surgery next week. I want to worship with all of you on Sunday. And yet I can’t control any of my wants.
The wisdom is that my shepherd, the Lord, gives me what I need most, which is what He wants me to have. The next verse talks about green pastures and still waters. Neither sounds like the world around us. Yet He lies me down and He leads me.
Then I remember what I want is only to trust in Him and be in His presence, a place to lay down and realize that the foaming torment of the world around me is a quiet place when I am with Him. And then I simply say, “Thank you Lord.”
With the Governor’s announcement yesterday that groups of 50 or more are forbidden and with a CDC recommendation of 10 as the ceiling for groups, it is clear that we will comply and not meet for public worship on Sunday.
But we will remain in the presence of Christ. By weeks end you will receive instructions regarding a live stream for prayer and devotion on Sunday mornings. In addition to this weekly worship via the internet you will daily find devotions, prayers and resources to help you manage the anxiety and isolation that we must endure to be safe.
I have set up a closed Facebook group called “St. Luke’s Montgomery.” Simply go to your Facebook news feed and search for the group by name. It is a closed group so you will need to ask to be invited. I will affirm your request and then you are a member and have access to all the content.
On Sunday morning at 9:00 am I will lead us in a time of devotion in real time. I do not know exactly what this will look like yet. And I am sure it will change over the weeks ahead. Please be patient with me as I navigate the choppy waters of technology.
If you do not have Facebook, ask your children or grandchildren to help you set up an account. I will try to get a few volunteers to be available for phone help if you need to be walked through the process. My encouragement is to do this as soon as possible. Then we will be able to estimate the availability to our congregation.
I will send more information Wednesday with other resources and contacts for help. In the meantime, be safe, pray for your neighbors and trust that God is in control, even during such uncertain times. Thank-you.