Kendall County
Public Action to Deliver Shelter
    Not active during 2020-2021 due to COVID-19 protocols. 
(PADS) is dedicated to providing temporary, safe shelter and nourishing food to the men, women, and children within Kendall county who are homeless or in need.  Seven churches in Kendall County offer shelter each evening of the week from mid-October to mid-April.  St. Luke’s offers shelter on Saturday evenings from 7pm until 7am Sunday morning. Guests are given an evening meal, a place to sleep, breakfast in the morning, and a brown bag lunch to take with them when they leave at 7 am.  Volunteers work at 3 different shifts each Saturday. Each church fields 12-16 volunteers for their Saturday, with a few more to help with the meals.  Basic supplies and some food is supplied by the Kendall County Food Pantry.  Much of the food is donated by church members.  While guests are on-site, information from various service agencies (Health Dept., Social Services, job services, etc.)  is made available to them.
Visit  for more information and to get involved with PADS!