There are many different backgrounds that newcomers bring to St. Luke’s.  It is very important for a Christian to be actively involved in a local congregation.  All need the nourishment that the Lord provides from a local fellowship of believers, and need to gather together to receive from Him the good gifts he offers.  We need the encouragement from fellow believers so that we might continue in our daily walk of life in a God pleasing manor.

How do I become a member of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church?

We would love for you to become part of our family and part of the Lord’s fellowship at St. Luke’s!                                        

Whether you are a member of a Lutheran church, a member of another Christian church, or if you have no church background at all, we ask that you speak with the pastor so that you would be fully informed about the beliefs you would share as a member of St. Luke’s and the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church.

Please contact our church office at (630) 892-9309 x-100 or email  to let them know of your interest.