A Message from Pastor Donovan regarding COVD-19 Click here for entire message

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
The current infection named COVD-19 concerns and possibly frightens us. It is normal for fear to be a destination when we process the unknown. But I want to assure you that the antidote to fear is to trust in God’s grace. Most of the spread of any infectious disease is out of our control. And we have a built in need to control our lives. Faith is the confession that we have handed control over to our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.
Yet, there are some things that we can, and should control. While we will continue with Sunday worship as the liturgy and the sacrament are God’s means of feeding our faith, we should take appropriate precautions to protect ourselves and our neighbors.
Please follow these guidelines as we prepare and then gather for public worship.

  • If you feel ill, or sick in any way, cough, cold, or fever. Stay home and contact your physician. Your health is important to Christ as is the health of the rest of the community.
  • While at Church let’s avoid the normal physical contact that enhances the spread of viruses. You are a loving people but avoiding shaking hands and hugging for a few weeks may help us to stay healthy.
  • With regard to the Supper, the common cup will not be made available to the community. I will receive our Lord’s blood at the alter on behalf of the whole Church, but it will remain on the altar during distribution. Use the individual cups in the trays.
  • You will notice that a hand sanitizer will be available for myself and the servers at the altar to assure that we are properly sanitized.

Finally, I’d like to discuss our continued responses and protocols moving forward. This will be during the Discipleship time as part of our Bible Study. Remember that in all things God has control. Even the unseen and threatening dangers of a broken world have been defeated by Christ on the cross meaning He will weave this time into the Kingdom for His purposes.
Thank you for your time, and if you are well, I will see you Sunday.
In Christ,