Chapter 30 Paul’s Final Days

¨ You should have read up to chapter 30 Paul’s Final Days before the weekend of May 27th, and come to worship prepared to hear a message on the chapter. 

 ¨ Each week, read a chapter of The Story, and follow up with worship to gain insight on what you have read. 

 ¨ Don’t worry if you miss a weekend of worship; Pastor’s sermons will be online.

 ¨ To go deeper into The Story, join an Adult Bible Study class on Sunday mornings at 9:30 or meet with a Small Group during the week.

 ¨ Sunday school for Pre-school through 6th grade is resuming  on January 9th.  Children are  welcome to bring their copies of The Story with them to class.

 ¨ Youth group for 6th-8th grade and 9th-12th grade began meeting weekly on Sunday evenings beginning  January 9thThe Story for Teens will be used during Bible study time.


Here is a music video related to Chapter 30




A Little Biblical Humor:

Q: How do we know that cars are in the New Testament?
A: Because Jesus was a car-painter (carpenter)!
Q: What’s the best way to study the Bible?
A: You Luke into it.
Q: How do we know that a lot of people in the Bible used fertilizer?
A: Because they always said, “Lettuce spray.” (Let us pray).
Q: How do we know that Jesus made coffee?
A: It says so in the book of He Brews. (Hebrews).